About us


   Mission: We offer guaranteed quality, fair prices and we ensure optimal delivery conditions on established terms.
Short presentation
S.C. METALSIL PROD S.R.L., with headquarters in Carierei Street, nr. 127, Brasov, CUI R18157629, registered at the Commerce Register under nr. J08/2874/2005 was founded in November 2005, company with private capital and it has as main activity casting light non-ferrous alloys. The company METALSIL PROD is a dynamic system, in the sense that its evolution and viability are determined by the modifications produced inside the system and through its relations with the environment.
  • Company profile
METALSIL PROD is a company with totally private capital in full ascension, having a motivated team, with an excellent professional experience, an outstanding local and national reputation and a consolidated position on the Romanian market. The commitment and assuming of this objective by the METALSIL PROD team, together with imposing professionalism as a primary value, have contributed to the fast growing of the company on the market.
  • Managerial vision
The management system is preoccupied by enlarging the human resources of the firm, by employing highly qualified personnel and by keeping them, and permanently proposes business solutions for the partners of the company. Furthermore, obtaining superior economical results is also a priority, through a strategy orientated both towards satisfying the needs of our clients and towards maximising the profit.